How to Charge a FitPro Smart Watch: A Quick Three-Step Guide!

To give away FitProTM fitness smartwatches to encourage individuals to begin or stay active and live healthier lives!

According to studies, people who own a fitness tracker or a wristwatch lead a more active lifestyle, but we also observe the high cost of smartwatches from well-known manufacturers. So we decided to give away our watches for free to reach out to more people who could benefit from this technology.

3 Easy Steps to Charge Your FitPro Smart Watch

How to Charge a FitPro Smart Watch

Remove the top strap from the watch face:This is the watch band on the other side of the circular button on the watch face.

  • It should reveal an extruding piece with two gold pins.

How to Charge a FitPro Smart Watch

Insert the two gold pins into a USB port:- A USB adaptor is the most commonly used charging tool, such as the one included with most recent Android phones and tablets.
  • The display should light up to indicate that it has been plugged in.

How to Charge a FitPro Smart Watch

Connect the USB adapter to a power source:- If the USB adapter isn’t connected, no electricity should flow through it; therefore, connect it to a wall outlet. The watch will only display a charging battery icon when plugged into a USB port. If it isn’t, take the eye out of the USB port and try entering it the opposite way.

  • A completely dead FitPro watch should take about an hour to charge.

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