How to Download Movies From Netflix: A Step-by-Step Guide!

While the ability to stream from various devices is not a novel concept, numerous variables can disrupt your favorite TV or movie while on the go. Streaming can be brutal to impossible to perform on a flight, a long drive, or out in the wilderness.

Any ad-free Netflix account can download practically any series and Netflix movies they want using the latest version of the app, as long as they are currently streaming on Netflix, thanks to streaming services that are leading the way to the future of streaming.

How to Download Movies From Netflix to iPad

It’s simple to download Netflix movies and TV series on your iPad when you’re not connected to the internet. The downloads are ideal for plane travels, vehicle vacations, and other situations where you need entertainment but don’t have access to the internet.

An iPad is ideal for downloading Netflix videos because it is lightweight, has a large screen, a long-lasting battery, and is portable.

How to Download Movies From Netflix

An active Netflix subscription and the free Netflix app are required to download movies from Netflix to an iPad. The iOS Netflix app is available for download from the App Store.

To download from Netflix to the iPad:

  1. Scroll down the first screen to browse the offerings, then tap the movie, TV show, or whole season of a TV show you want to download. Tap Movies in the navigation bar to narrow your search to only movies.
  2. Scroll down to view the selections, then tap the movie, TV show, or entire season of a TV show you want to download. Tap Movies in the menu bar to limit your search to movies exclusively.
  3. If your selection is a TV show, tap the downward arrow next to each episode you want to watch to initiate the downloads. If you use the Smart Download feature in the app, download only the first episode.

  4. If you’ve chosen a TV show, hit the downward arrow next to each episode you wish to view to begin downloading. Only download the first episode if you use the app’s Smart Download option.
  5. Tap the Play arrow on the downloaded movie or TV show you want to watch on the My Downloads screen to watch it.

  6. When you want to remove the movie or TV show from the iPad, tap the Download icon next to the listing—it resembles a checkmark in a box—and then tap Delete Download to remove it from the iPad. You can also find your downloaded Netflix movies and shows in the Downloads menu at the bottom of the app.

How to Download Movies From Netflix to a Mac

Netflix does not have a Mac app. You can use a browser to view Netflix, but you can’t download any content from the browser to your hard drive. On Mac, Netflix does not offer downloading or offline viewing.

Despite this, there are two legal ways to watch downloaded Netflix video on a Mac:

  • Boot Camp and Windows: Netflix offers a Netflix app for Windows computers at the Microsoft Store. Boot Camp, a utility that comes on Macs, runs Windows 10. Then, you can download the Netflix app for Windows and use it to download content from Netflix legally. You need a copy of Windows 10 to install on a Mac, though, so this isn’t an inexpensive alternative.
  • Streaming from an iPad: The Netflix app for iPads supports AirPlay, which allows wireless streaming of multimedia content between Apple devices. So, you can stream any Netflix content you download on an iPad to a Mac. This way, you can display a movie on a larger screen for multiple viewers. This isn’t the same as downloading to the Mac, as the net might be bigger on your Mac than it is on your iPad.

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