How To Use Code Interpreter In ChatGPT? What Is It and How It Works?

The most awaited feature that opens the door to so many possibilities, OpenAI has finally implemented Code Interpreter to ChatGPT.

People have been waiting for Code Interpreter, which has now been launched in Beta to ChatGPT Plus subscribers after ChatGPT Plugins. But what is ChatGPT Code Interpreter and how does it function? Continue reading to find out more.

What is Code Interpreter in ChatGPT?

The latest innovation of OpenAI ChatGPT (particularly with the GPT-4 model) is the Code Interpreter, which allows you to run Python code in a live working environment.

It’s a sandboxed Python environment where you can run programs for any task. It may appear to be a function designed for coders, but it can also assist general users with various tasks.

How To Use Code Interpreter In ChatGPT?

For example, in ChatGPT, you can ask Code Interpreter to convert a PDF file using OCR, trim or alter a video file format, solve a mathematical issue, perform data analysis and visualization, make graphs and charts, and much more. As a result, Code Interpreter enables you to upload local files in numerous formats to ChatGPT immediately.

Code Interpreter also provides temporary disk space for you to upload your files. It supports a wide range of file types, including TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, PNG, MP4, AVI, CSV, JSON, XML, XLS, XLSX, CPP, PY, HTML, PDF, DB, SQLite, and many more. This is not a full list, but it does offer a popular representation of file formats from numerous categories. The whole list is available in the tweet below.

Simply said, using Code Interpreter in ChatGPT, you can access a computer with computational resources and disk space inside the chatbot. Natural language allows you to accomplish almost anything.

Remember, though, that you cannot install Python libraries alone. It’s a sandboxed, firewalled environment with over 300 libraries and packages.

How Does Code Interpreter Work in ChatGPT?

As previously stated, the Code Interpreter executes Python code to perform a task in the ChatGPT interface. So, if you ask it to make an image-based PDF searchable using OCR, it generates and executes a bespoke Python script on the fly.

You only need to upload your PDF file; everything will be handled in the backend. You can look at all of the libraries it’s utilizing, where it’s getting stuck, and so on.

OpenAI has not disclosed the file size limitation for Code Interpreter. Many claim it can only handle files under 100MB, yet we uploaded a 170MB PDF file, which worked perfectly.

You can test it independently to see how well it takes large files. However, uploaded files are deleted after you end the chat session.

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