How to Fix iOS 16’s Most Annoying iPhone Features

The redesigned Lock Screen with widgets is one of iOS 16’s many cool additions. Another is the ability to rapidly copy the topic from pictures. No new operating system release, however, is ever without flaws. There are some excellent new features in iOS 16, but there are also a few duds, so if you’ve already upgraded your iPhone, you may want to think about turning off a few of these options.

Remove the glaring Search icon

Spotlight is awesome, we understand that. However, it’s as close as a swipe of the finger. If you don’t like how iOS 16 replaced the dots on the Home Screen pages with the Search icon (and you’re not alone in your displeasure), you may revert to the previous design via a preference. To turn off “Show on Home Screen,” navigate to the Settings menu, then Home Screen. The Search area can then be hidden.

Go back to the old Lock Screen notifications

With iOS 16, Apple made major changes to the Lock Screen, most notably moving the notification system to the bottom of the screen. It’s a nice change, and it makes it simpler to get your alerts, but on the downside, they’re now stacked together and require a swipe to access.

iOS 16 iPhone Features
iOS 16 iPhone Features

To return to the iOS 15 and earlier notification list view, iOS 16 includes a new “All Notifications” option. You can change the default back to “List” by going to Settings > Notifications > Display As. After then, alerts will once again appear in a sequential list directly beneath the current time.

Stop the Side button from randomly ending calls

The iPhone’s Side/Power button immediately terminates a call. Although useful, it is far too simple to press accidentally. If you accidentally end calls whenever you come into contact with the Side button, you can turn it off. Achieve some piece of mind by enabling “Prevent Lock to End Call” in Settings > Accessibility > Touch.

Stop personal photos from popping up everywhere

Apple is putting a lot of emphasis on the Featured Photos features: Widgets, the For You tab in Photos, Spotlight Search, and the Lock Screen editor all feature your own personal photos with those of your friends and family. Some of us might enjoy these peeks into our private lives, but others might find it excessive, especially if iOS keeps showing you embarrassing photographs of yourself. If you don’t want to see featured content, you can turn this off in Settings > Photos.

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