Pilotwings 64 coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Original: A few days ago, Nintendo revealed that the 1996/97 video game Pilotwings 64 would be making its debut on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service. It appears that this will be the game’s best iteration yet.

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GameXplain has closely examined the promo clip, and the gameplay will aim for 60 frames per second. The only parts of the game that operated at 60 frames per second in the initial release were the menus, while gameplay averaged 30 frames per second. A higher resolution will also be included in this most recent re-release.

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In addition to the video from GameXplain, Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account also published approximately 2 minutes and 30 seconds of direct gameplay of the NSO version of Pilotwings (without that smooth voice). Here’s how it operates:

GameXplain only saw one significant “side effect”: the timer’s unusual millisecond counting behavior. This behavior has always been present, but it is now more obvious due to the game’s higher frame rate. On its YouTube channel, GE has posted a new graphics comparison video.

On October 13th, Pilotwings will be available on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service. Are you anticipating playing this game? In the comments, please.

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Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo Switch Online

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