No Man’s Sky Waypoint patch notes (Updated)

It would be an understatement to say that No Man’s Sky has advanced significantly since its 2016 release. The epic-scale space sim has received many welcome additions, but some players have still had trouble with gameplay aspects like survival, crafting, and the intriguing choice of inventory organization. However, with the 4.0 “Waypoint” update, players will have a lot more control over how the game is played.

No Man's Sky Waypoint
No Man’s Sky Waypoint

The No Man’s Sky Waypoint update is a sizable one, and it was announced today with the typical barrage of emojis on Twitter, just in time for the game’s spectacular arrival on the Nintendo Switch. NMS players will now be able to adjust the game’s complexity to match their desired play style, taming or amplifying the challenge, in addition to a number of quality-of-life changes.

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The inventory has also undergone a very appreciated upgrade, making it simpler to categorize and locate everything. And “Relaxed Game Mode” guarantees “less danger and minimal grind” if you like a more relaxed space journey (or are high while playing).

The update’s blog delves into more specifics, such as a new auto-save feature. God is good. Additionally, using the brand-new “personal trade rocket,” you can now sell goods on the Galactic Trade Network while on a planet. And in the early stages of the game’s release on the Switch, anyone who joins the game’s massive universe will receive some special goodies.

If you access the Switch servers before November 7, you’ll receive a new ship and multi-tool. The Switch edition costs $60 whether purchased on rigid media or through the eShop.

There’s no denying that the inventory management and survival parts of No Man’s Sky have occasionally been too abrasive at worst and cumbersome at best. Nevertheless, it’s been an exciting trip watching No Man’s Sky disprove all the critics. You simply no longer have an excuse if those have prevented you from seeing the grandeur and scale of this title.

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