Guide to Deleting Your Snapchat Bitmoji Character

Users must first disconnect their Bitmoji from their Snapchat account before they may delete it. Here is the procedure, and this is what will happen when you follow it.

Fun Bitmoji avatars can be added to Snapchat profiles and even conversations, but there are a few scenarios in which a user would wish to get rid of them. More than six years ago, after acquiring Bitstrips, a firm that developed cartoon-like configurable avatars, Snapchat introduced Bitmojis.

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Since then, Bitmoji avatars have become wildly popular on Snapchat, with users not only using them as their profile images but also personalizing and sending them to friends as emojis to express a range of feelings and expressions. While it’s easy to make an avatar, it’s not always clear how to remove it or even if it can be deleted.


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It’s possible that some Snapchat users will choose to swap out their current avatar for a new Bitmoji, while others will prefer to forego using an avatar altogether. Whatever the situation may be, severing the connection to the Bitmoji avatar will get rid of the existing one. Simply launch Snapchat and select your avatar from the app’s upper left corner to begin.

Snapchat Bitmoji Character
Snapchat Bitmoji Character

Select the gear icon to access the Settings menu, then scroll down and press Bitmoji to access the app. To detach your Bitmoji from your account, go to the profile menu and click “Unlink My Bitmoji.” Snapchat will then provide a confirmation message “Is it really your intention to detach your Bitmoji profile from your account? Your Snapchat Bitmoji will be removed after 24 hours.” Selecting Unlink and then tapping Confirm will cause the Bitmoji to be deleted.

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