What is sslr local application v1 & v2? How To Check Application Status?

The SSLR, also known as the Survey Settlement and Land Records, is a division of the Survey Settlement and Land Records department. Every time, one must enter all of the relevant information in the gateway, including the land’s specifics. The MOJINI website’s official page can be used for this.

You can view the information about this Survey Settlement & Land Records as well as the local application for the V1 segment as well as file here. In any case, you can use the web search option to find the application form for the Survey Settlement and Land Records v1 segment.

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What is sslr local application v2?

If you want to submit an application, view a sketch, or view any kind of map, you can do so by going to the SSLR or Survey Settlement & Land Records local application website, which is comparable to the V1 version.


They have all the information about your property, and from here you can also submit an application for v2. To make things easier, you must have your login ID and password. As you choose your district, taluka, hobri, and finally all the villages, including your villages, you may also check the sslr maps from Google.

As a result, there are two possibilities for both V1 and V2 applications:

  • Obtaining the form directly from the webpage to which the given link points
  • Obtaining the application using a web search or the internet

How to check sslr application status?

Following the procedures below will allow you to monitor the progress of your SSLR or Survey Settlement & Land Records application.

  • Visit – http://bhoomojini.karnataka.gov.in/index.html
  • From there, you can choose from a variety of alternatives by tapping “application status.”
  • Give your application number to receive both application statuses as well as information on your allocation.

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