Starbucks Training Guide: A World of Coffee Excellence!

The company almost single-handedly revived the coffeehouse, making drinking dark coffee in a poorly lit space cool again. Although others attempted to emulate them, few, like the Starbucks brand, captured the market’s attention.

Starbucks has had its share of missteps and disappointments. When the coffeehouse sector imploded due to the economic crisis, Starbucks was unprepared to survive in a world where caffeine enthusiasts could no longer afford to spend $5 on a cup of joe. Despite the odds, the company has refined its business model and adapted to shifting economic conditions.

Starbucks’ training program has been critical to the company’s success. Unlike other brands, Starbucks understands the importance of the customer experience.

They’ve adjusted their training program to give baristas the tools they need to improve the customer experience and consistently deliver high-quality items to their customers. Here are some highlights of Starbucks’ training program that can be implemented into any small business training approach.

Starbucks Training Guide

Starbucks has had a lot of success. One of the primary reasons is the Starbucks Training Program. Here are some facts:-

  • Starbucks has grown by an average of two stores per day for the last 27 years,
  • Starbucks plan to add 1,000 stores in China alone next year,
  • Starbucks spends more on employee healthcare than coffee beans, and…
  • Starbucks stock is worth over 23x what it sold for in 1992.

First Shift with a Store Manager or Learning Coach

When new partners begin their careers, they can never make mistakes. They are constantly accompanied by a store manager or a learning coach as they learn the ropes.

Starbucks employs a Tell, Show, Do model. This is what baristas learn during training. The Learning Coach demonstrates how to do something, and the barista performs the task while the coach watches to assist, train, and praise.

24 Hours of Classroom Learning

The “Starbucks Experience” training provides a review of the company’s history and culture and an understanding of Starbucks’ solid social responsibility programs. The coffee is then introduced to new partners, including where it is grown, gathered, and roasted, and how Starbucks handles its farmers.

Starbucks’ new partners understand that they are not simply working for another corporate behemoth focused purely on the bottom line. They know they are part of something bigger, a charitable organization.

This training includes self-guided booklets (as we all do), but at the end of each module, the Learning Coach continuously checks in with the new partner.

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