The Google Search interface has been upgraded with the addition of dynamically styled knowledge panels.

What else are you going to do when you want to find out more about a specific person, location, or subject but conduct a simple Google search? The desktop interface for search hasn’t been the most aesthetically pleasing, despite its efficacy.

During the Search On conference in September, Google announce ed intentions to update the look of the knowledge panel in Search while keeping its functionality the same; these changes are now beginning to roll out.

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When compared to mobile apps, search on the desktop might feel like an afterthought, especially when it randomly adopts Android’s design updates. These updated panels of information aren’t just cosmetic changes, though; they’re striking in their own right.

Google Search interface
Google Search interface

In a person’s entry, you’ll find a grid of photos, as well as links to their social media profiles, bio information, and relevant websites for their field of work. The cards of actors will provide an IMDB link, while those of athletes can include financial information.

The primary and secondary colors of these cards are all taken from the first image in the grid, creating a dynamic theme (via 9to5Google). The information on the card could change based on the nature of your question.

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These updated panels appear for most mobile Search results, including locations. In such circumstances, cards will offer pertinent information, such as the approximate distance to the location and any other pertinent information.

Similarly, the About section on the right-hand side, complete with a textual description, and web connections to relevant news and media on the left, remain mostly unchanged below these knowledge panels. The panel’s header bar also features thematic buttons that let you quickly navigate to other areas that include similarly organized information in the form of cards.

Google Search interface
Google Search interface

When we looked up broccoli and Gal Gadot on the desktop, the updated user interface appeared, however, it did not appear when we looked up a tomato (in some locations) or Duchess Meghan Markle. Furthermore, the updated knowledge panels aren’t available for locations and locations just yet.

Though most panels theme dynamically, it seems that the default theme for the results pertaining to people is blue. There’s no denying that the updated Search results have a little more pizzazz, but we’ll hold off on making any definitive statements until the whole deployment is complete.

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Dynamic theming on Search for desktop didn’t exist until later, but with the new updates, we have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Eventually, you may be able to see quick video postcards from people who’ve been to the destination you’re researching, as well as other useful information for your upcoming vacation.

no are hoping that Google can smooth out the minor kinks in the dynamic theming as well so that the overall experience is constantly positive.

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