Valtrace Download: How Do I Register and Utilise the Valenzuela QR Code?

The ValTrace application Ordinance, also known as Ordinance No. 783, was adopted by the municipal council of Valenzuela. It establishes the standards for the severity of the fines and how the application will be carried out. The application is a government initiative to use technology while keeping social isolation as the primary goal of the populace in mind in order to stem the spread of the Noble Corona Virus.

The government takes the lead in developing software to maximize technology use and support contactless forms. The Valtrace app download is applicable to the establishments listed in the ordinance, and users are required to register with the system, perform QR scanning, and submit local information to the local government 24 hours after being offline or leaving the system.

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How To Use The Valenzuela QR code Scanner?

In order to contact trace, a mobile application, the Valenzuela City Local Government has approved legislation declaring that a QR scanner is necessary for the Valtrace App. This is a response to the Pandemic’s rapid spread. Residents and non-residents alike can use the app and download it for free. No QR, no admission will soon be the new rule. Scan the QR code using these easy-to-follow steps.

  • Open the built-in camera with the ability to scan QR codes (most smartphones these days have this feature). There is a QR code scanning option available.
  • Go to settings, hit the control center, and then select customize controls if you can’t locate one.
  • Your phone should be placed where the QR code is visible in the viewfinder. When the phone is properly maintained, the camera automatically identifies the code.
  • Await the code to execute.

How do Registration?

According to the adopted ordinance, all residents and non-residents of Valenzuela must download and register for the Valtrace app.

1. You can either go to and click on the ValTrace app Registration or search for the application on any internet resource. Options like “Citizen Sign up” and “Citizen Login” are flashed on the page, along with “Merchant Signup” and “Merchant Login.”

2. Select the pertinent section, then click the next button. Once completed, the page will prompt you for some personal data, like your name, birthdate, province, address, and mobile number.

3. Click Submit when you have verified the password, and you are ready to go.

4. You must scan the QR code before entering any commercial location in order to continue.

5. One can add good actions to the list of ways one can help stop Covid-19 from spreading by following these easy steps.

How to Download the Valtrace Contact Tracing App or Apk Free?

The purpose of the contact tracing application is to prevent injury and to stop the Noble Corona Virus from spreading. The idea is straightforward: If anybody contracts the disease, everyone who has recently come into contact with them, including family members and friends, is informed. It is completed as soon as possible.

The entire registration process, including the application, is free because it is done for the benefit of the nation. The Valtrace application is supported by the Ordinance, and starting on September 12th, both residents and non-residents of Valenzuela are required to register and download their unique QR codes.

Everything is free, and when someone scans their QR code, the Central Contact Tracing system receives their personal information. People who fail to comply with the ordinance may be charged with violations as determined by the government.

How Does It Work?

Both locals and visitors to Valenzuela must have the Valtrace app downloaded to their smartphones. Every time they enter a public or private space, they are required to scan the QR code on their application form, which sends all of their personal data to the Mega Contact Tracing Center, which is home to the Valenzuela central contact tracing system.

The app flashes if any symptoms develop in any of the users, alerting all friends and family members to keep vigilant and report any symptoms they observe.

App case for Valtrace The usage of Valenzuela, a cause-related effort, will be more effective in halting the virus’s rapid spread and is appropriate for Valenzuela’s welfare.

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