Advice for navigating the Windows 11 upgrade

According to Panay, Windows 11 has the highest adoption rate of any Windows release to date, and he went into depth about how the newest upgrade intends to streamline and strengthen remote PC work. One such technology is Smart App control, which uses AI to prevent the installation and use of untrusted or malicious software. With Windows 11, Microsoft claims to have created the most secure version of Windows to date.

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The Snap layouts app, which lets users arrange their windows so that they can see everything they need without having to scroll, has also been updated. Also, it has a new “Focus sessions” and “Do Not Disturb” function to help you concentrate on your work without interruptions. When you begin a new concentration session, the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. This means that you will not receive any alerts and your taskbar badges will disappear.

The Start menu is also being updated, with a new and improved search function and additional options for personalization. Panay stated that the most common feature request from Windows users was for tabs in File Explorer, therefore Microsoft included them.

On the other hand, Windows Studio Effects is a new tool that uses artificial intelligence to reduce ambient noise (such as lawnmowers and infant cries) and blur out distracting visual elements during video and audio chats. On video calls, it also subtly raises the speaker’s gaze, giving the impression that the person is staring straight into the camera.

Windows 11 upgrade
Windows 11 upgrade

Some of Microsoft’s previously announced accessibility features are now available to the public as well, such as system-wide live captions that automatically generate captions from any form of audio content on Windows 11 and an update to Natural Voices for Narrator that more closely mimics natural speech patterns and helps assist in reading documents or browsing the web.

Microsoft has previously informed CNN that its employees with impairments were instrumental in the creation of several of the company’s new accessibility features.
The upgrade is being released in “measured and staged rollouts,” as Microsoft explained in a separate blog post. Accessing “Windows Update” in the settings menu is all that’s required for users with compatible hardware to grab the patch.

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