YouTube Music Introduces ‘Samples’ Short-Form Video Feed With a TikTok Video

YouTube Music announced on Monday the debut of “Samples,” a new TikTok-style short-form tailored video feed. Each clip in the feed provides a glimpse of the artist, music video, and overall atmosphere of a song recommended to you.

Users can swipe vertically in the new Samples stream to discover songs and music videos, just like TikTok and other copycat short-form video feeds.

Brandon Bilinski, one of YouTube’s product management directors, told TechCrunch in an interview that the business is seeing an increase in consumers discovering music through short-form video.

“One of the biggest insights we’ve seen over the past couple of years is that all users, but especially younger users, are discovering more and more music through short-form video,” Bilinski said. “Friends and family are always first.” If you ask people how they discover music, they invariably respond friends and family, but short-form video has recently crept into a close second place. We took that knowledge and chose to create a discovery-focused, short-form video experience centered only on music.”

The Samples stream is powered by YouTube’s database of official music videos and live material. Rather than merely swiping through a plethora of songs, the feed encourages viewers to interact with the song and click on to see an entire music video or footage of a live performance. In other words, YouTube Music is promoting the discovery of long-form video content on the platform by employing short-form video segments, while also assisting viewers in discovering new music.

YouTube Music Introduces 'Samples' Short-Form Video Feed With a TikTok Video

Users can add a song to their collection, share it with others, make a playlist, visit the album website, start a new radio station, or utilize the song to create a Short by swiping through the stream.

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“The feed is sort of an all-encompassing collection of music related to your tastes,” Bilinski explained. “The emphasis is on discovery, but it is dependent on what you listen to.” As long as the user’s tastes are diverse, it’s pretty diversified. And then we want to show you something you haven’t seen or heard before. We’ll also show you some videos from songs you’ve heard before if you haven’t seen them yet.”

The new feed’s launch is comparable to Spotify’s earlier this year TikTok-style discovery streams. The feeds allow viewers to preview an album, playlist, or single by merging audio and video from a track. The idea behind both YouTube Music and Spotify’s feeds is discovery via a visual feature, similar to TikTok’s popular structure.

When asked if YouTube Music intends to introduce additional video feeds, Bilinski said the firm is looking into it as a future step, but that the company wanted to start with a broad and simple feed first before expanding.

YouTube Music intends to investigate how this type of short-form discovery might be integrated into other parts of the app and to roll out new experiences that make it simple to find new artists and their music. The new Samples option is now available to YouTube Music users worldwide on iOS and Android.

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