YouTube TV Acknowledges Family Sharing Problem Amid Netflix-Like Restrictions!

One of YouTube TV’s biggest features is the ability to share your account with family members, but some users are now experiencing issues with this feature.

Some YouTube TV customers have recently discovered that their family sharing accounts are broken, with the accounts that are seeing the shared accounts unable to access YouTube TV, even if they are in the same household.

Despite remaining on the family plan, one Reddit user discovered their husband could not access the base plan, including her recordings. When I spoke with support, it was suggested that I delete the account from family sharing and then re-add the user, which worked.

YouTube TV Acknowledges Family Sharing Problem Amid Netflix-Like Restrictions!

A few users reported the same problem on another topic. Overnight, YouTube TV stated that the difficulty is due to an ongoing issue with family sharing. Although a patch is being developed, the official workaround is to delete and re-add the impacted accounts.

While this is going on, another “issue” with family sharing on YouTube TV is emerging. According to CordCuttersNews, a “growing number of people” are seeing YouTube TV display a pop-up notice reminding viewers to return to their home location or purchase their own YouTube TV subscription. Notably, there are no clear public accounts of this behavior.

YouTube TV has always had a regulation that allows only users from the same home to share content, but the platform has never strictly enforced that rule. With NFL Sunday Ticket and its notable viewing restrictions dependent on whether you are at home or away, YouTube TV may wish to take a stronger position on sharing.

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