YouTubers wreck a car to test the new emergency feature in the iPhone 14

The newest iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 14, is now available and boasts a number of upgrades over its predecessor. One notable update, though, is Crash Detection, which could save your life in the event of an accident. I mean, assuming it actually works.

Now on iOS 14 and the latest Apple Watch, you can use Crash Detection. According to Gizmod, the process goes as follows:

The new Apple Watch and iOS 14 both have crash detection technology developed by Apple. By utilizing the phone’s gyroscope, sensors, and machine learning, this feature can determine if you’ve been in a car accident and immediately dispatch emergency services to your position while also notifying your emergency contacts.

TechRax, an adventurous YouTube channel, crashed a remote-controlled Mercury Grand Marquis into a pile of less recognizable components of old and burnt-out vehicles to see if the iPhone could actually identify collisions. Earlier this week, the channel uploaded its findings to YouTube, and the findings are as follows: An iPhone 14’s Crash Detection feature appears to function if you tape the device to the Mercury Grand Marquis’s headrest and then crash the car into various objects.

Have we reached the point where we can call this scientific? In a word, no. Although the post claims that “Video was produced in a safe and regulated atmosphere,” it appears to have been shot in an open area including other abandoned cars. Unfortunately, there are no backup cars in case something goes wrong, and the vehicle occasionally wanders off the road. Another thing: is a skateboard part of the remote driving setup?

emergency feature in iPhone 14
emergency feature in iPhone 14

However, this is the kind of fascinating, thought-provoking, and damaging experiment that can be found on YouTube. The 7.6 million people who subscribe to TechRax have seen them throw an iPhone 13 Pro off a cliff and an iPhone 6s into a lava flow.

Why? Okay, sure! Putting these high-priced products, which we have learned to overvalue and depend on, in such extreme settings may look like two lads having fun, but it actually has an absurdist artistic value. Absolutely, I’m down with this.

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