Terms & Condition

Our goal is to give our visitors original, high-quality information by following the highest standards of professional journalism.
All authors know that if they don’t follow these rules, their article could be rejected without further notice.
Before we can do business with you, you must agree in writing to this rule.
Articles must have content that has never been seen before.
Copyscape and other programs that look for plagiarism should not find any.
You should only send us content that has never been published before so that our editors can look at it.
It’s important to write good stuff for the people who will read your work.
If it turns out that an article was copied from somewhere else, the author or contributor’s account could be closed or canceled.
Arguments and Proofs
Make sure to carefully check all claims and numbers before adding them to the article.
Clients won’t take information that is wrong or doesn’t have all the facts.
We only post information that has already been made public and has been confirmed by more than one source.
For facts, statistics, or claims that have already been published, there needs to be a link to the right website.
Do everything you can to show that what you say is true.
You can use pictures, graphs, and screen shots to back up what you say in writing.
Don’t make a claim if you can’t back it up with good evidence.
Every piece of content you write for us needs to be aimed at a certain group of people.
If you want your piece to be worth reading, you need to know what you want to say.
It’s important to us that our readers know what’s happening in different fields and with technology.
You can’t use an item to promote a certain currency, business, or industry. They have to be fair. This is a big deal.
Making people aware of a product or service.
It’s not okay to use a piece of writing to promote a business, a product, or a person.
The headlines, subheadings, and content of your articles all need to be clear and fair.
Don’t put links to articles that promote a certain company, currency, or person.
We try to avoid as much as possible putting commercial links in our articles.
We don’t write for anyone in particular. Instead, we write for people who work in tech and business.
If you want your content to be useful to your audience, you need to know a lot about the latest technologies and business processes.
We’ve made it our job to keep them up to date on the latest business and technology news.
Think about who you want to read your article before you start writing it.
After a long discussion, everyone agreed on the essay.
Only the magazine’s editorial board can decide if an article will be printed or not.
Our editors don’t have to say why they accept or reject a piece of work.
If one of our essays gets published, we hope it will scare the people who make decisions at our company away.
The board’s decisions can’t be changed and are final.
I get paid to write reports.
Don’t just use your own sources when you write for us.
We think it’s important to make sure that each news post on our platform is true before it goes live.
All of the numbers and facts you write in your post must be backed up by proof.

We ask that you follow these rules because they are part of our editorial policy.

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