The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8: Release Date, Cast & Everything You Need to Know!

The first season of the crime drama TV show “The Brokenwood Mysteries” aired in 2014. In the small town of Brokenwood, the show follows Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd as he looks into different murders.

Where everyone knows each other and a crime like murder affects the whole community in a big way. It is set up like a “mystery of the week,” with each episode focusing on a different case that Shepherd and Detective Kristin Sims are working on.

Critics have praised the show’s seven seasons for having interesting stories. There is a loose link between the characters’ problems throughout the season. Here’s everything we know about the eighth season of “The Brokenwood Mysteries” if you’re interested.

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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Release Date

On March 29, 2021, the first episode of Season 7 of The Brokenwood Mysteries aired on AcronTV. The last episode of the whole series will air on May 4, 2021. People say that the seventh season of The Brokenwood Mysteries broke the tradition of having 4 episodes.

There are six 2-hour episodes in the seventh season. As for the eighth season’s episodes, neither the official broadcaster nor the show’s creator has said anything about them.

Since the show is getting more and more popular outside of New Zealand, it would be surprising if it got the eighth season.

The Brokenwood Mysteries usually comes back to the broadcast network every fall. If the show’s creators and network announce that there will be the eighth season, it will come back in the fall of 2022.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Plot

The Brokenwood Mysteries is a crime-mystery drama TV show from New Zealand. It was written by Tim Balme, Philip Dalkin, James Griffin, and Greg McGee. The show is about how Detective Inspector Mike Shepherd does his job.

At the center of this series is a detective named Mike Shepherd. He is in charge. The story of The Brokenwood Mysteries takes place in a made-up town in New Zealand called Brokenwood. But the show is filmed in and around Auckland. It shows the crimes that happen in Brokenwood town and the investigation that follows.

Everyone on the team has worked hard and well. This show is thrilling for fans of crime mysteries, and each episode is an hour and thirty minutes long.

The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Cast

Detective Mike Shepherd, played by Neill Rea, is a rough and unusual character, and Detective Kristin, played by Fern Sutherland, is the show’s main character. Kristin is the best kind of police officer, and she is also very smart.

In addition to the main characters, the series will also bring back Nic Sampson, Cristina Ionda, and Pana Hema Taylor. Each season and episode has a new mystery that hasn’t been solved yet and introduces new people who live in Brokenwood. At this point, we don’t know the names of the new actors who will play new roles in Season 8.

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The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 Trailer

The TV show ran successfully for seven seasons and 30 episodes.

Fans of the show can’t wait for the eighth season. The Brokenwood Mysteries was picked up for the eighth season, and all of the episodes have been filmed.

Even though the date hasn’t been confirmed, we expect to find out when The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8 will come out when the trailer comes out. So, a trailer for Season 8 of The Brokenwood Mysteries should be coming out soon.

Where To Watch The Brokenwood Mysteries Season 8?

Up to now, there have been 30 episodes of The Brokenwood Mysteries, a crime-mystery drama from New Zealand. From Season 1 to Season 7, all of The Brokenwood Mysteries’ episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Videos.

The Brokenwood Mysteries will be out soon. In New Zealand, it will be shown on TVNZ1. Later, you might be able to stream The Brokenwood Mysteries on Amazon Prime Videos.

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