Everything We Know About The Witch Part 2 So Far!

Part 2 of “The Witch.” The Other One is a movie from South Korea. There are a lot of different types of movies in the series, like horror, thriller, sci-fi, mystery, and action, all in one movie. The movie is a sequel to the first one, which was called The Witch: Part 1. Park Hoon Jung wrote and directed The Subversion, which was made by Studio & New.

It takes about 137 minutes to watch the whole movie. In the first movie, “The Subversion,” there were a lot of hints and clues about the second movie. In the end, there was a situation that became the basis for the second movie.

The big plot twist at the end of the movie blew people’s minds, and the second movie is expected to have an even bigger impact that would be hard to forget. In this article, we’ll tell you about the movie, when it’s coming out, and a fan theory about it.

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The Witch Part 2 Release Date

Part two of “The Witch.” The subversion will come out on June 15, 2022, almost 4 years after the first movie, which came out on June 27, 2018. The movie has already gotten a lot of attention from people who like thrillers and Korean films.

Most people who hear about the news are already interested because of the new popular cast and the interesting plot. The movie is definitely giving us a visual treat. After choosing Choi Woo Shik, Go Min Si, and Jung Da-Eun, they added Lee Jong Suk, Park Eun Bin, and Jin Goo to turn up the heat.

At the end of the first movie, Ja Yoon (Kim Da Mi) leaves her family and goes out into the world to find ways to stay alive.

She gives some of the medicine she got after killing everyone in the lab to her parents and uses some of it on herself to deal with the pain while she searches for answers. Dr. Baek’s twin sister, who is also a researcher, introduces her to her.

 If everything went as planned, the story would be about Ja Yoon’s childhood or about her adventure after she kills everyone in the lab and escapes.

But we weren’t expecting the twist, which was another surprise. The trailer showed that the story is about a different test subject and takes place in the same time period as Ja Yoon’s story (according to prediction).

The Witch Part 2 Plot

A girl wakes up in a huge lab full of mysteries. As the woman runs away from the lab, she runs into Kyung Hee, who is trying to keep criminal gangs from coming to her house.

When the woman meets a criminal group that is getting close to Kyung Hee’s house, the girl beats them with her overwhelming strength, and they start chasing her in the mystery laboratory. Who is this strange girl, and why is someone trying to catch her?

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The Witch Part 2 Cast

  • Shin Shi Ah as Main Role
  • Jo Min Soo as Dr. Baek
  • Park Eun Bin as Main Role
  • Jin Goo as Main Role
  • Kim Da Mi as Goo Ja Yun
  • Sung Yoo Bin as Support Role
  • Seo Eun Soo as Support Role
  • Jung Jin Woo as Support Role
  • Lee Jong Suk as Guest Role
  • Ha Young Jin as Yong Du Stand-in
  • Chae Won Bin as Unknown
  • Lee Gyu Young as Unknown
  • Kim Ki Hae as Unknown
  • Han Sang Kyung as Yong-doo clique 10

The Witch Part 2 Trailer


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