What Does The X Mean on Snapchat?

Users of Snapchat must remember a variety of buttons and icons, including a perplexing ‘X’ icon that sometimes shows next to Snapchat names. Snapchat initially seems like it should be a really straightforward program. You can send and receive photos and videos from friends, and that’s all there is to it, right?

Even though that feature remains Snapchat’s main draw, the app now offers many more features. You can watch shows from BuzzFeed, Vice, and other media outlets as well as public posts from your Snapchat pals on the Stories page. Even more, content can be found on the Spotlight tab, which contains many TikTok-style videos that you can go through. Additionally, Snapchat allows users to play around with different AR filters, view their pals on the Virtual Snap Map, and even learn American Sign Language.

Given how much activity there is on Snapchat, it is understandable that users frequently have queries about the functions of specific buttons and settings. The X that often shows next to Snapchat names perfectly illustrates this. On Snapchat, the Chat page displays a list of all your active conversations. A camera icon will appear next to someone’s name if you’ve recently received one of their photos. A chat symbol appears in its place if you received a text message from them. But occasionally an X appears in lieu of the chat and camera icons.

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Real Meaning Behind The ‘X’ In Snapchat

The X next to people’s names, like many other Snapchat features, is not explained in detail. There is no explanation as to what any of the names imply, however some names include the camera, chat, and X icons next to them. Thankfully, the solution is really fairly easy.

The X next to a Snapchat user’s name just indicates that you haven’t yet accepted their friend request. When you tap a name, two buttons appear: “Okay” for accepting the friend invitation and “Report or Block” for reporting or blocking the person. You can also report, block, or remove the chat from your screen by tapping the X next to the name, which is located on the Chat page. All there is to it is that! The X that appears next to Snapchat names is not a flaw or an annoying feature.

It serves as a simple reminder that you have to await friend requests to attend to if you notice it. Although now that you know, it would be wonderful if Snapchat made that more obvious.

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