Who Is Maria Taylor Husband Right Now? How Long They Married?

Who Is Maria Taylor Husband: A well-known American television host who presently works for ESPN and the SEC Network is Suzette Maria Taylor, best known by her stage name, Maria Taylor. There aren’t many sports fans who are unfamiliar with her because she has been a sportscaster for more than ten years.

The 34-year-old television personality has a following of several hundred thousand people thanks to her work as a host on the ESPN Network. Her professional background is well known to her followers, and she frequently discusses it on her numerous social media channels.

However, her personal information, such as the circumstances of her marriage and the people she has been in relationships with, is what her admirers are most curious to hear about.

Who Is Maria Taylor Husband? When did she tie the knot? The details of her prior relationships, including her marriage, are detailed on this page. If you want to become familiar with them, read the entire article.

Is Maria Taylor Married?

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Twice-married Maria Taylor. In 2021 and 2019, she married Jonathan “Jon” and Rodney Blackstock. However, the unions disintegrated the following year.

Who Is Maria Taylor Husband Right Now?

It came as a welcome surprise when Maria revealed the information she had been keeping about her personal life to her dedicated fans in February of 2021. During that time, she shared some images on her Instagram account that claimed to show her getting married to an unidentified man. Taylor posted the photo to her Instagram account on February 21, along with the caption, “I Love Our Love Story.” Although we don’t know much about Maria’s new husband, the Instagram account @flowersbyyona claims his name is Jonathan “Jon.”

For their intimate, tiny wedding ceremony, Maria wore a white dress and her husband a black suit. The event was documented in images. In the interim, Maria, the recently wed sportscaster, kept her new husband’s identity a secret.

A few weeks after she said she was getting married, a page with the handle “flowersbyyona” released an image from Maria’s wedding on Instagram. In the photo, they were laughing and having a fantastic time walking down the aisle. While congratulating the newlyweds, the page revealed that Maria’s husband was named “Jon” in the photo’s description. Take a look.

Please be informed that Maria is 6 feet and 2 inches tall when standing. The height of Maria Taylor’s husband, Jon, is even more remarkable. We may reasonably infer that Jon is six and four inches tall because he appears to be around two inches taller than his wife. The information hasn’t been verified, though.

Who Is The Ex-Husband of Maria Taylor?

NBC Sports currently uses Maria Taylor to announce games. She has worked as an analyst and host for ESPN and the SEC Network. According to The Netline, Maria and Rodney Blackstock broke up their initial engagement and postponed getting hitched for three more years.

They first met while both were fans of the Charlotte Hornets during the 2014 NBA season. After meeting him for the first time, Maria told her companion, “If we keep going to these games, I’m going to wind up dating him.”

Likely curious, Rodney enquired about her single status when his friend “competed in a WNBA game in Charlotte. According to Maria’s further explanation, Rodney assumed, “Perhaps I was there to support one of the boys as his girlfriend, or whatever.

Who Is Maria Taylor Husband?
Who Is Maria Taylor Husband?

Rodney asked her out “on a dare,” and the two went on their first date, spending the evening dining in a parking lot. She wasn’t as tall as me, and he boasted to her. As Maria remembered, “After conversing till five in the morning in the parking lot,

The main character is quoted as saying, “I’ve never had that feeling before, even when you just look at someone, and you’re like, ‘That’s the one.'” Rodney is “of Brazilian heritage, speaks fluent Portuguese, and is originally from Greensboro, North Carolina,” according to Celeb Pie.

He had a challenging childhood and was moved between foster homes, claims the website. He lost his mother when he was 12 years old. He served as the owner and agent of The Auto Club Group in 2020, operating it out of his Buckhead, Georgia, office.

How Long Were Rodney Blackstock And Maria Taylor Married?

The pair wed in May 2019 at the beachside Hilton Sandestin in Destin, Florida; Maria continued, “Because we had SEC coaches meetings there before.” Several web publications assert that they ultimately decided to dissolve their union.

Later, “they would call it quits for reasons unknown to the majority of Maria’s admirers and social media following,” according to Distractify. Nobody knows the exact date of Maria and her husband’s divorce because she is so reserved.

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