Why Did Bruna And Neymar Break Up? Why Was Biancardi In Doha During The World Cup?

Why Did Bruna And Neymar Break Up: Neymar Jr., a soccer player, has garnered much attention in 2022. He had to wait a little while to be cleared to play for the Brazilian national team in the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which was one of the reasons.

Another was a “Ney’s lookalike” who acquired a passionate following in Qatar. Another factor was his breakup with Bruna Biancardi. Biancardi clarified during their breakup and her trip to Doha, where her ex competed in a soccer tournament.

Who Is Neymar Jr.’s Ex-fiancée Bruna Biancardi?

Brazil is where Biancardi was born on April 15, 1994. She is a social media influencer with almost 2 million Instagram followers. She is also a model and has collaborated with businesses offering everything from clothing to vitamins and cosmetics.

Although Biancardi and Neymar started dating in 2021, they didn’t publicly confirm their union until they declared their engagement in January 2022. Following their relationship, Biancardi made acquainted with the well-known WAG Antonela Roccuzzo, who is wed to Neymar’s PSG teammate Lionel Messi.

Why Did Bruna And Neymar Break Up?

Months after they announced their engagement and impending nuptials, however, reports surfaced that they had broken up because Neymar had been unfaithful.

At the time, Extra Online claimed that Neymar had an affair with Biancardi, saying: “She discovered that he had been with a girl at that party and decided to end it right then and there. Bruna packed up her things and left as soon as the sun came up.”

Why Did Bruna And Neymar Break Up
Why Did Bruna And Neymar Break Up

However, Biancardi rejected the explanation offered by the publication in August 2022 while still confirming that they had parted.

“I’ve always been myself, and you guys know this, but since you keep asking, I’d like to make it clear that I am not in a relationship–for a while now–and there was no cheating,” she wrote Instagram. “Don’t believe everything you see. I have a lot of love for [Neymar] and his family! Please stop mentioning my name. Thank you!”

Why Was Biancardi In Doha During The World Cup?

When it was announced that Biancardi had come to Doha just before the start of the World Cup in November 2022, several fans believed the former couple would be getting back together. It turned out, though, that neither her ex nor the competition had anything to do with her travel there.


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Biancardi was present for the MSC World Europa’s opening, a ship that changed into a hotel for the World Cup. The model went to the “cruising” party and another function that night.

Biancardi left Doha a few days later and published pictures of her holiday in the Maldives. Follow Techyember.com for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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