Will Donald Trump Get a Mug Shot If He’s Arrested?

Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he expects to be “arrested” this week as a New York grand jury gets close to wrapping up its look into hush money the former president paid during his 2016 campaign.

Most experts agree that any arrest will not look like a typical Hollywood takedown. Trump will almost certainly be allowed to turn himself in before being quickly released.

But that doesn’t mean the event will be without drama. The sheer number of reporters and photographers on hand to cover the first-ever arrest of a former president will create havoc in Lower Manhattan.

“Look, they’re not gonna knock down his door and put handcuffs on him, but if he has to surrender and go before a court at 100 Center Street, the media – it will be insane on a level we’ve never even seen before,” offered Arthur Aidala, a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor who has been involved with some of the city’s highest-profile cases.

Will Donald Trump Get a Mug Shot If He's Arrested?

Trump’s now-estranged lawyer, Michael Cohen, is at the center of the case against Trump. He told MSNBC on Sunday that he expects Trump will “absolutely” be fingerprinted and photographed if he’s arrested.

On Good Day New York, Aidala agreed.

“He won’t do a ‘perp walk’ in handcuffs, but he has to go into the building, go somewhere in the D.A.’s office, be fingerprinted, have a mug shot taken of him, stand in front of a Supreme Court judge, plead ‘not guilty’ to an indictment, and then walk out,” Aidala predicted.

“I think the police and Secret Service are negotiating whether or not that would happen, or the specifics,” former chief assistant district attorney Karen Agnifilo told FOX 5 NY. “He will, however, be processed. He’ll be read his Miranda rights, photographed, and fingerprinted.

Whether or not there is a quote-unquote perp walk, I believe Mr. Trump will use his arrest to have more media done, so I guess that it will be his perp walk.”

Why would Donald Trump be arrested?

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