Zelensky Surprises Johns Hopkins Graduates With Commencement Speech

On Thursday morning, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a surprise graduating address to Johns Hopkins University graduates.

The Baltimore Sun stated that Zelensky attended via livestream and received an honorary doctorate degree from the university’s president during the commencement.

“One of the most common truisms on Earth is the advice to value or, at the very least, not waste time,” Zelensky said in his speech, adding, “Everyone eventually realizes that time is the most valuable resource on the planet, not oil or uranium, not lithium, or anything else.”

Zelensky contrasted the Johns Hopkins grads to soldiers fighting on the front lines in Ukraine, noting that many are of a similar age and have finished or hope to finish their schooling.

Zelensky Surprises Johns Hopkins Graduates With Commencement Speech

“They and you have similar hopes for life and expectations from life,” he continued. “However, there is a fundamental difference that boils down to the issue of time.”

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“You have control over the time of your life,” Zelensky concluded. “Unfortunately, the time of life of our people on the front lines, the time of life of all Ukrainians forced to live through this terrible Russian aggression, is subject to many factors that are not all under their control.”

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The Ukrainian president said he is happy that his country is “not losing a single day” in its war against Russia.

“All of our tomorrows, as well as the tomorrows of our children and grandchildren,” he explained.

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