Call Of Duty MW3: Release Date, Leaks, And More!

Despite past rumors that Activision would pivot to a two-year release cycle for Call of Duty games and that there would be no Call of Duty game in 2023, we know that is not true.

With Sledgehammer Games at the helm, Call of Duty MW3 could be one of the best FPS games when it comes out, as it features several important innovations. MW3 Zombies will be in the game, and the MW3 map list comprises some remastered gems from a classic Modern Warfare title.

Call of Duty MW3 Release Date

The Call of Duty MW3 release date is Friday, November 10, 2023, on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Activision confirmed this in a reveal trailer for the game on August 7.

The reveal trailer confirmed the Modern Warfare 3 title and release date and introduced us to an old nemesis. In 2023’s MW3, Makarov returns as the main villain, as was teased at the end of 2022’s Modern Warfare 2.

Call Of Duty MW3 Release Date

Call of Duty MW3 Weapons Leak

Leaks by ‘CoD_Purseus’ point towards several new and returning MW3 weapons. Though the images have been taken down, the leak revealed the Lach-9, BAS-B, MTZ-762, TAQ-V, ANVL-B, MCW, and Sidewinder.

Some of these appear to be new variants within the weapon family system of MW2. For example, the BAS-B looks to be an assault rifle variant of the popular BAS-P SMG. Likewise, the Lach-9 could be a renamed Lachmann-Sub or a new variant within the Lachmann weapon family. Meanwhile, the TAQ-V is a potentially returning weapon from MW2.

This is likely the case, with MW3 guns and weapons expanding upon many of the weapons available in its predecessor. This is incredibly likely given the MW2 weapons, camos, attachments, and more are being transferred into MW3. Most exciting, however, is the entirely new weapons in store for us if leaks are accurate, such as the ANVL-B.

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