Danielle And Carl ‘Summer House’ Relationship: Her Relationship Timeline!

A Hamptons summer wouldn’t be complete without a bit of drama on any Bravo Summer House episode. Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s friendship became a little dramatic during Season 7 of Summer House, owing to Lindsay’s rapid connection with Carl Radke.

Carl was convinced in one episode that Danielle still had feelings for him. Since Carl and Danielle are friends and used to be more than that, some fans may need a crash course on their romantic history.

Even though Danielle said on the show that it’s a “laughable thing” for her to have feelings for Carl now, let’s dive into Danielle and Carl’s relationship timeline to see how they ended up here.

Danielle and Carl’s Relationship Timeline

Before either of the Bravo stars joined the cast of Summer House, they engaged in a brief romance. They d@ted in 2015. However, their relationship was relatively short-lived.

Then, in Season 4 of the show, they reignited the physical part of their previous relationship. Danielle and Carl had a heated makeout session during the farewell party at the Hampton’s house in the fourth installment’s conclusion. It didn’t stop there.

Danielle And Carl 'Summer House' Relationship

Danielle stated at the Season 4 reunion that they kissed again after filming.

“He gets a bit chatty sometimes. He gets worked up at a bar, and sometimes the best way to put it on mute is to grab his face and make out,” she explained at the time.

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Danielle and Carl are friends now outside of ‘Summer House.’

Carl drew Danielle aside during a Season 7 episode of Summer House to address the elephant in the room: his whirlwind affair with co-star Lindsay.

The animosity between Danielle and Carl’s fiancée was high at the couple’s housewarming/birthday party. Lindsay went out with many friends that night, and her boyfriend decided to check in with his ex-fling and close friend.

“I mean, Lindsay feels very strongly, and I feel like you feel strongly about me and Lindsay’s relationship. And I don’t know if you’re on board with it,” Carl admitted during a heart-to-heart with Danielle.

“We’ve been dating for almost ten months. And you and I have had a history way long ago. We d@ted briefly, but I don’t know, [Lindsay and I] are very happy. We’re in love. Do you not want us to be together?”

Danielle assured him that she loves them both. Her concerns over their fast-paced relationship are the real issue. Still, Danielle and Carl’s romantic relationship is 100 percent in the past for them.

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