Sophia Culpo Net Worth: What Kind of Work Do Her Sisters Do?

Sophia Culpo Net Worth: Model and social media star Olivia Culpo debuted The Culpo Sisters on TLC on November 7, 2022, introducing viewers to her family. Olivia, who gained notoriety after being Miss Universe in 2014, and her sisters Aurora and Sophia Culpo are the episode’s subjects. Fans will witness the family balance their objectives with Olivia’s life in the spotlight during Season 1.

Because networks have experimented with family-based reality shows showcasing one famous member, the notion may sound familiar. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Sophia Culpo Net Worth. Since Keeping Up With the Kardashians launched the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty, numerous programs have followed its model.

The Culpo Sisters have all previously found success, despite the possibility that they could emulate the Kardashians. See the Culpo sisters’ net worth and their sources of income by scrolling down below.

How Wealthy Are The Culpo Sisters?

Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia were born and reared in Cranston, Rhode Island. Their Italian parents, Susan and Peter, also have two sons, Pete and Gus, and sisters. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Sophia Culpo Net Worth. The Culpos grew up surrounded by the arts because Peter and Susan were classical musicians and needed to make ends meet by running a restaurant.

Olivia’s parents’ artistic backgrounds probably encouraged her to follow unconventional aspirations. She graduated high school and briefly attended Boston State University before first placing in the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA pageant. Olivia has crowned Miss USA after winning, making her the eighth American contestant to win Miss Universe.

At A Miss Universe Press Presentation, Olivia Culpo.

Her Miss Universe victory altered Olivia’s career. She started acting in advertisements and music videos in 2014, sometimes alongside her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas. She quickly amassed a sizable social media following, which opened up more modeling and sponsorship opportunities. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Olivia’s net worth is currently $7 million.

Despite Olivia being the richest of her sisters, Aurora and Sophia doesn’t have financial problems. Sophia, the youngest of the group, reportedly makes between $1 million and $2 million annually, according to Life & Style. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Sophia Culpo Net Worth. The estimated net worth of Aurora is $200,000.

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What Kind Of Work Do The Culpo Sisters Do?

According to reports, the Culpo sisters each have distinct sources of income. Most of Olivia’s millions come from acting, modeling, social media brand endorsements, and her business ventures.

The “genuine vodka and tequila” brand Vide was co-founded by the I Feel Pretty actress. In addition, Olivia shares ownership of some eateries, including Back 40, a restaurant her family opened in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, in 2017.

Sophia Culpo Net Worth
Sophia Culpo Net Worth

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Sophia and Aurora both work outside the household. Aurora has a background in behavior analysis and special education and describes herself as a “straight shooter” and “health junkie.” When Aurora gave birth to Remi and Solei, her daughters with Survivor alumni Michael Bortone, she chose an unconventional method of honing her abilities.

Using her platform to “use my professional skills differently by digging deep into what makes people tick, connecting with my community, and sharing what’s keeping me most sane during these early years of raising babies, which is so joyful but so tough at times,” according to her website, Aurora combined her social media expertise with her “love for research, analyzing, writing, and teaching.”

Sophia also pursued an academic career, but she discovered that social media helped her increase her salary. She decided to use her platform as a B.S. in Nutrition graduate to promote self-care and a healthy diet. Sophia most recently followed in the footsteps of her older sister Olivia and began modeling and serving as a brand ambassador for many businesses, such as Savage X Fenty and Beautycounter.

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