Addison Timlin Divorces Jeremy Allen White After Three Years of Marriage

Jeremy Allen White’s wife Addison Timlin has filed for divorce. According to court documents, Timlin filed for divorce on Thursday.

The couple has been together for nearly three years. They got married in 2019 and have two kids. Their first child, Ezer, was born in 2018, and their second child, Dolores, was born in 2020.

On Thursday night, White and Timlin’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In his victory speech at the 2023 Golden Globes, the 32-year-old star of The Bear mentioned how “grateful” he is for his wife. “Addison Timlin, I love you to the core of my being; thank you for everything you do, thank you for everything you’ve done,” he added.

Addison Timlin Divorces Jeremy Allen White After Three Years of Marriage

Timlin sent an emotional letter on Instagram following the awards show expressing her love for her spouse. “When we were 14 years old and I saw you perform for the first time in drama class, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of White holding his Golden Globe. “When we’d run your lines for Shameless I’d be so tickled knowing beforehand what everyone would get to witness the next day on set.”

“When I watched the pilot for The Bear, I cried my f—ing heart out,” she wrote. “I think somewhere I must’ve known how much life was about to change, but mostly I just knew that the world was about to discover what I’ve known all along. What a privilege it’s been to know first.”

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Timlin, 31, and White, 31, co-starred in the 2008 psychological thriller Afterschool. In an Instagram post in 2020, she referred to White as her “best friend of 15 years, who happens to be the love of my life.”

“We have the coolest kid in the world who reveals herself to be a true weirdo like her parents more and more every day,” she captioned a photo of them with Dolores on Instagram. “I have beautiful friends and family that restore my soul, and I feel so full of love all of the time that I could just cry forever.”

When The Bear premiered, Timlin expressed her support for the show on Instagram, writing, “It is always a privilege to witness the work Jeremy puts in and the result will always take my breath away.”

“Congratulations to the entire team, but especially to Jeremy; seeing your dreams come true will always light a fire in my heart,” she wrote. “I am immensely proud and delighted to turn to you and say, ‘I told you so.'”

When PEOPLE asked White last August what Timlin thinks of all the internet lust for him, he laughed and answered, “I don’t know,” adding, “I think we’re both pretty good at not paying too much attention.” I don’t use Twitter. I have an Instagram account but generally use it for work. I keep a healthy distance from it all. My wife feels the same way. That, I believe, is a positive thing.”

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